upgrade your RSCHIP

RSCHIP PLUS upgrade program.

Get up to 40% discount with free worldwide delivery

toward your new RSCHIP plus.

How does the upgrade program work?

  1. Fill-out the form and submit it for review. After we confirm your ownership we will proceed with your request.
  2. You will receive a promo code to your email. Please apply the promo code at the checkout.
  3. Enjoy your new chip and feel free to keep your old one. No need to send it back :)
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RSCHIP serial number (engraved on the backside of the enclosure) If your version does not have a serial number, please contact our support at rschiphelp@gmail.com

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  • Who is eligible?
    All Rschip owners with RSCHIP 1st and RSCHIP 2nd generation are eligible for the trade-in.
  • Why upgrade?
    We worked hard on perfecting the RSCHIP. New RSCHIP plus introduces:
    - new patent hardware and firmware core to make the gains more consistent
    - new heat mitigation system, preventing your chip from overheating
    - new redesigned app
    - new enclosure with magnet mount
    Leran more about RSCHIP plus
  • How much does the shipping cost?
    Free delivery worldwide to any location with DHL.
  • Should I send the old chip back?

The application was successfully submitted. We will contact you shortly.