Introducing Monte GTR

  • Up to +25% HP* +25% NM*
  • +18% fuel saving*
  • Error code reader
  • Real time gauges
  • Change driving mode
  • Increase power and save fuel
  • Measure acceleration
  • Display live gauges
  • Measure your car's horsepower and torque

The smartest way to tune your car

Introducing Monte GTR, a device designed to increase your engine power, save fuel, monitor your car health and display car readings.

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Patent hardware designed to maximize your car performance and productivity

  1. Magnet mount compatible
  2. 3 CPUs system
  3. Touch screen display

Easy to set up and keep updated
3 simple installation steps

  1. Step 1
    Download Monte programmer from our website
  2. Step 2
    Program your Monte by selecting your vehicle
  3. Step 3
    Connect to the car’s OBD2 port and finalize the installation

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Download Monte programmer for you Monte GTR

  • Cloud updates for your Monte GTR
  • Free access over 6 000 cars
Requirements Windows 10

Monte tuning
Here is why

  • 3 driving
  • Built-in Power
    & Acceleration Meter
  • Monte
  • Easy to
  • 130 real time
  • Read & clear
    error codes
  • Unlimited
  • Cloud
  • 3x CPUs

Tech specs

Performance figures
Up to +25% more HP*
Up to +25% more NM*
Up to +18%* more fuel savings
Warranty and return
30 days money back and lifetime warranty on defects
Monte GTR firmware core
PC programmer with vehicle specific tuning database
16 pin OBDII connector
Operating temperature -40C° +85C°
Operating voltage 7,5V - 20V
Touch screen display
Length 121 mm
Width 76 mm
Hight  25 mm
What’s in the box?
Monte GT
Quick start guide
OBDII connector
2x magnet mount
Car stickers

Top questions and answers about Monte GTR

What is Monte GTR?
Monte tuning is a unique smart tuning solution, designed not only for increasing your cars power, also combines practical tools such as the ability to diagnose the cars health though error codereader/eraser, perform acceleration tests, measure real time horsepower, display up to 130 different parameters such as: (speed, rpm, coolant temp, boost pressure, oil temperature, and many more). Monte OS is constantly improving, that means by purchasing monte you are subscribed for a lifetime updates and new features!
How often will I get the cloud updates?
We are pledged to update your chip every 2-4 months, please subscribe to our Facebook and newsletter to receive notification when the firmware update is available.
Is it safe to use Monte GTR?
Monte chip does not overwrite the ECU software, hence there is no risk of overloading the engine's components. All tuning is done on the device with by 3 dedicated CPUs of up to 74Mhz. Monte chip runs vehicle specific software developed specifically for your car. Each map we create is tested on the road in real conditions, as well as on the dyno before uploaded to our server. Our products will not affect any other electronic systems such as dashboard displays, safety features, etc.
How much power gains will I get from installing Monte GTR?
There are many contributing factors that might affect the performance increase such as aspiration, fuel quality, altitude and engine displacement. Monte GTR easily adds up to 40 horsepower and 60 Nm of torque, depending on your vehicle and aforementioned conditions. The performance increase is noticeable across all of the RPM band, making the ride smoother.
Can Monte Chip be transferred to another vehicle?
There are no limitations on how many vehicles you can install on your Monte Chip, as long as the software is supported in our database and your car brand is compatible with our tuning solution. By purchasing Monte Chip you will be subscribed to our lifetime service of cloud updates, new car settings and new features.
What is Monte Programmer utility for?
By purchasing Monte GTR you will get downloadable link for our software. In case you decide to program your chip to a different car or update your Monte OS to receive a new feature. Please use the Monte Programmer. Right now Monte Programmer is only compatible with PC but we are working on introducing it to Mac users too. Monte Mac Programmer - coming soon!
How many vehicles do you support?
Our current database has over 6000 vehicles. We are pledged to add new vehicles every month. If you didn’t find your car, please contact our customer support.
Is it compatible with my car?
Monte GTR, is compatible with almost all engines and fuel types, except BEV and FCEV vehicles. Please contact our customer support in case your car is not listed.
Can Monte GTR drain my battery?
Every Monte chip is equipped with low power mode that turns on automatically once the engine is off. We suggest you to disconnect your chip, when you don't use your car for a period of more than a week.
Our support team is always ready to help